Ending Poverty Related Hunger in Edinburgh

Closes 2 Nov 2022

Opened 10 Aug 2022


We want to hear from organisations and people from all parts of Edinburgh on your views on a new strategy to end poverty related hunger in Edinburgh.

In September 2020, the Edinburgh Poverty Commission published their final report – A Just Capital.  Their findings challenged the city to end poverty in Edinburgh by 2030, and to make sure that Edinburgh can be a city in which:

  • “No one has to go without the basic essentials they need to eat, keep clean and stay warm and dry” (Edinburgh Poverty Commission, 2020).

To meet this goal, the Commission called on City of Edinburgh Council, EVOC and local organisations to improve the co-ordination of support services for citizens experiencing food insecurity or at risk of poverty related hunger. 

In response to this call to action, the Edinburgh Partnership committed to the development of a new strategy needed to end poverty related hunger in Edinburgh.  This has involved a number of research and engagement activities, including workshops with stakeholders, service providers and the End Poverty Edinburgh citizen’s group. 

The draft strategy describes a shared vision, outcomes and principles to underpin the delivery of food support across the city, while recognising and respecting local values.

Why your views matter

As part of this consultation, this survey is being carried out alongside focus groups and workshops with those who have experience of using food support services.  All findings will be used to shape the final strategy and actions needed to end poverty related hunger in Edinburgh.

Feedback from citizens and key stakeholders including organisations supporting people in poverty is vital in developing an effective response to poverty-related hunger. We want to learn from people’s experiences of looking for and then getting support to find out what works and what needs to change. We want to learn more from providers and other stakeholders about what’s needed and what works.

By taking part in the consultation, you will help to shape how the city will tackle poverty-related hunger, including what and how supports will be delivered.  

The final strategy will provide a framework for the City of Edinburgh Council, EVOC and local organisations to ensure citizens experiencing food insecurity have access to quality fresh food, and that this serves as a gateway to the wider support many will need. 

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