Leith Connections: Phase 3 west - east proposals

Closes 17 Jul 2022

Introduction - Phase 3 design proposals

We would like to create high quality walking, wheeling and cycling infrastructure with associated improvements to the public realm along Lindsay Road, Commercial Street, Bernard Street, Baltic Street, Salamander Street and Seafield Road. The new infrastructure would connect into the North Edinburgh Path Network and Hawthornvale in the west and the shared use paths at Seafield in the east.

This phase of the project would also complete the Phase 1 cycle track from Foot of the Walk to Ocean Terminal.

Our proposals follow the principles of the sustainable transport hierarchy and are shown in the following pages. More details are given under the key design elements drop down section at the foot of each page.

Public transport routes are key for this corridor and we are considering impacts and options for bus stop locations and design, bus lane design and potential for other bus priority measures. Designs presented here for your feedback are a work in progress and we are keen to hear from you and are also in ongoing discussions with stakeholders including Lothian Buses.


Overall key design elements (please click here to expand)

  • Placemaking improvements at key locations including street greening such as street trees, rain gardens and the potential for artwork and pocket parks.
  • Widened footways and improve crossing points.
  • Pedestrian priority with continuous footways at side streets could be introduced. A continuous footway is a junction design where the roadway ramps up to footway level and the footway material is continuous across the junction. This design reduces turning speeds of cars and gives priority to pedestrians and cyclists. A number are currently being built along Leith Walk.
  • Protected cycle tracks are proposed along the corridor and will be a mixture of 1.5m to 1.75m wide one way protected cycle tracks and 2.5m to 3m wide two-way protected cycle tracks.
  • Protected cycle tracks would be formed either by intermittent light segregation units or continuous kerb separation, to be confirmed at the next stage of design for each area. 
  • Cycle track surfaces are proposed to be red chipped asphalt which will contrast with the standard asphalt of the general carriageway This will ensure it is clearly demarcated and make it clear and visible to all road users.
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