Planning for Change, Delivering Services 2019-2023

Closed 7 Dec 2018

Opened 1 Oct 2018


Edinburgh is one of Europe’s great capital cities. It has a successful economy, the city is of growing international significance and continues to embrace the jobs of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. Unemployment rates are low in both Scottish and UK terms, and our job market remains diverse and forward looking.

However, there is another side to Edinburgh. More and more people need Council services and our income cannot meet this demand.

The Council will have to make at least £106 million savings over the next four years.

Try your hand at balancing our budget for the next four years using our online planner.

Why your views matter

We need to start planning for change now, and to do this we need to look again at the type of services we provide and how we deliver them.

The challenges the Council faces will require further change to the way services operate, it will require the Council to work more effectively with partners to meet the needs of shared customers, and it will require difficult decisions about the role of local government in the provision of some services. It is therefore essential that citizens of Edinburgh and all other stakeholders have a voice in that process.


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