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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

We asked for views on the trial layout of segregated cycling and walking areas on section of the main path in Roseburn park.

You Said

The feedback to the trial changes was mixed, with a slight majority of respondents in favour of the new layout. Feedback at the Friends of Roseburn Park meeting highlighted that the segregation on the path to the west of the pavilion was not favoured, and that cyclists travelling too fast on the paths was a key issue.

Further details on the consultation feedback and monitoring can be found in the consultation and monitoring report via the link below.

We Did

Based on the feedback to the consultation and the monitoring results, we are taking forward the following actions to implementation:

  • Retain the white line segregation around the toilet block/east side of the junction.
  • Remove the white line segregation around the pavilion/west side of the junction.
  • New slow markings and signage to promote slower speeds on bikes and use of bells.
  • Provide additional planters to the Friends of Roseburn Park for positioning along the ‘Green’ building block.
  • Upgrades to the path surface where (1) ponding occurs and (2) the surface is in poor repair
  • Improvement to the lighting
  • Safety improvements to the junction where the park path crosses the access road to the ice rink. This will incorporate the re-alignment of bollards and ground markings to highlight the junction crossing to all users.

Further details can be found in the consultation and monitoring report, see link below.

We Asked

We asked for views on the proposed designs for the Tram Cycle Safety Improvements - Phase 3 project.

You Said

A total of 230 people responded to the online survey, with a majority of support for each of the designs proposed. Details can be found in the consultation report below.

We Did

Based on the high levels of support, the council shall be proceeding with implementation of the designs. Details of the next steps is comprised in the consultation report.

We Asked

We asked for views on the proposed design for new pedestrian crossing facilities in East Fettes Avenue

You Said

The majority of feedback indicated support for the proposed crossing. A summary of the comments raised is attached along with along with the Council’s response

We Did

The feedback will be considered in the detailed design stage