Leith Links Arboretum

Closed 18 Jun 2021

Opened 24 May 2021


A new arboretum for Leith Links.

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh has teamed up with the City of Edinburgh Council and the Edinburgh & Lothians Greenspace Trust with funding from the Mushroom Trust and Council to offer an experience which
celebrates a diversity of trees from across the world; to enhance Leith Links and offer a local outdoor education resource.

An arboretum is a specially designed area of different types oftrees for scientific, educational and ornamental purposes.

Information on the proposals can be found in the "Related" section below. 


  • Natural neighbourhood area - Leith
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Leith Links


  • Anyone from any background


  • Biodiversity
  • Landscape designations
  • Nature
  • Parks and green spaces