Draft Edinburgh Tourism Strategy 2030

Closes 30 Nov 2019

Opened 4 Nov 2019


Tourism is one of the city’s biggest success stories, attracting 4.3 million visits a year. The sector directly employs over 33,000 of the city’s 513,000 residents creating opportunities for residents from across our communities, upskilling our workforce and attracting talent from all over the world.  It also has many indirect benefits through the wide and varied supply chain across Scotland that services the tourism sector here in the city. For the continued economic success of the city, it is important that the city is home to a successful, sustainable tourism sector.

The development of the new Edinburgh Tourism Strategy 2030 has been underway for some time and has focussed on building an evidence base to inform the development of the new strategy, and a programme of consultations with industry and stakeholders across the city. 

It is being developed in a context which prioritises issues including the climate emergency, sustainability, inclusion and social mobility.  It will therefore look to balance the needs of all stakeholders and so for the first time, the strategy partners are putting the draft strategy out to public consultation to seek views and feedback from residents, businesses and stakeholder across the city.

Why We Are Consulting

The third and final phase of the Edinburgh 2030 Tourism Strategy process builds on the findings of the research and analysis completed in Phase 1 and the consultations undertaken in Phase 2

Working with strategy partners and informed by the outputs from Phases 1 and 2, a draft Edinburgh Tourism 2030 Strategy has been created.

This initial draft is a high-level strategy which identifies the strategic priorities for the city’s tourism sector between 2020 and 2030. It does not identify specific actions, rather it sets out the general principles and themes emerging from the process to date.  The purpose of this Consultation is to test and seek feedback and views on the direction of travel, ahead of the Strategy being launched in February 2020.  Thereafter the focus will shift to developing more specific action plans.

Please click here to read the draft Edinburgh Tourism Strategy 2030.  

We would then like to hear your views by clicking on the link below.  

The online consultation will run from 4 November to 30 November 2019.

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