Gaelic Medium Education in Edinburgh

Closed 11 Dec 2020

Opened 5 Nov 2020

Results updated 19 Mar 2021

Please find the outcomes report from the informal consultation on Gaelic Medium Education in Edinburgh.



We aim to build a dedicated secondary school for Gaelic Medium Education in Edinburgh.

The City of Edinburgh Council is committed to the expansion of high-quality secondary Gaelic Medium Education (GME) in an immersive environment.  As Scotland’s capital city, we have a special responsibility to nurture and help cultivate the Gaelic language as an integral part of our shared heritage and national identity.

In order to secure a sustainable future for Gaelic, the Council has talked to the GME school communities for a considerable period about the options for GME secondary provision in the city.

To enable us to put forward a credible case to the Scottish Government for funding, it is necessary to identify a preferred option for the future of secondary GME that has the support of Edinburgh’s GME community.

We have considered four options for a new secondary GME setting, the benefits and challenges of each are explored further below.

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