Edinburgh Sensory Needs Assessment - Children's Services

Closed 17 Sep 2019

Opened 16 Aug 2019


We are looking for the views of parents and carers of children with sensory impairments (hearing and/or vision) living in Edinburgh. These will be used to help inform future planning and collaboration with Health and Social Care services and adult services with Edinburgh.  This will help us to implement the Scottish Government strategy for sensory impairment,  See Hear.

Why We Are Consulting

The Health and Social Care Partnership gained the views of adults with sensory impairments (hearing and/or vision) and their carers living in Edinburgh in order to better understand their needs. We now wish to gain similar views with regard to children’s services.


Please note: If you require a copy of this consultation in BSL or Braille please contact Lynsey Robinson (details on right of page)

What Happens Next

We will use the information provided in this consultation to shape the implementation of the See Hear strategy in Edinburgh over the coming years.


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