Edinburgh's vision for inclusive education for children and young people

Closed 5 May 2024

Opened 12 Mar 2024


The City of Edinburgh Council want inclusion to lie at the heart of the culture, ethos and practise in all learning establishments, where all children and young people’s needs are met in local schools where they access learning and a curriculum that meets their individual needs.

Our vision for inclusion

In Edinburgh every child or young person irrespective of identity, background or ability is part of a resilient and positive learning community where they feel:

  • We belong,
  • We contribute,
  • We learn,
  • We are supported and we help others.

This aligns with the four features of inclusion set down in Scotland’s national guidance on the presumption to provide education in a mainstream setting, which states that all our children and young people are present, participating, achieving and supported in education.

To achieve this vision we need to make sure that support, resources and staffing are in the right place and doing the right things.

Please give us your thoughts on how we can achieve this vision. We will use your feedback, along with other evidence, to help shape how inclusion looks in education for children and young people. 

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