Budget Engagement 2024

Closes 28 Jul 2024

Opened 9 Apr 2024


The City of Edinburgh Council wants to hear resident views on:

  • Where we can save money;
  • Where we are doing well; and
  • Where we need to improve.

Your feedback and suggestions will help us to develop proposals to balance our budget. They will also help Councillors to understand your needs and priorities when they make decisions about how to spend the city's budget.

Why your views matter

Each year the Council must set a balanced budget that allows us to provide services to the people of Edinburgh, within the money we have available to spend.

Due to increasing demand for services, and higher costs, the Council will have a £143m shortfall in our budget by 2028/29. The graph below shows how our budget shortfall is expected to grow over the next four years. The Council has an annual budget of around £1bn in revenue spending, and has already saved £400m over the last decade.

A graph showing the cumulative increase in annual budget deficit, which is £143m by 2028/29.

To meet this shortfall, the Council must find new ways of becoming more efficient, reducing costs, or raising more money. We may have to reduce or stop providing some services. It is important that residents can influence these decisions.

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