Council budget 2016-20

Closed 17 Dec 2015

Opened 1 Oct 2015

Feedback updated 15 Feb 2016

We asked

We asked for your views on our budget proposals for 2016-20 and to tell us your ideas about how we should spend money and deliver services in the future.

You said

You said we should try to protect education, care for older people, culture and services for vulnerable children and adults. These continue to be our priorities.

We did

As a direct result of your feedback, councillors made changes to the 2016/17 budget. This included:

  • removing the draft proposal to reduce street crossing patrols
  • keeping the night noise team
  • removing the draft proposal to reduce the size of in-house home care service
  • not proceeding with the redesign of day care services for adults with learning disabilities
  • removing the proposal for a reduction in community centre staff
  • amending the proposal to review support staff in special schools, ensuring maintenance of both staff numbers and service delivery
  • removing the £0.5million proposal to review family and pupil support
  • maintaining the Council’s current level of funding for extra community policing
  • investing £15.069million in roads, pavements and cycleways to continue to make it easier for people to get around the city
  • allocating 9% of both the net capital expenditure and the net revenue expenditure of the Transport Division of the Council to cycling
  • limiting the Council housing rent increase to 2% in 2016/17.

If you would like further information the full feedback report is available.

Results updated 14 Apr 2016

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On 24 September, the Finance and Resources Committee considered a report outlining the proposed savings for the 2016-20 budget.

For more information about how to have your say on the Council's budget, please visit

You will be able to read the findings before the Council's budget meeting in early 2016.

Why your views matter

Edinburgh's population is growing. The Council's challenge is to provide services to more people with an annual budget that remains about the same. To do this, we need to address a budget shortfall of £126m and change the way we deliver services.

We want your views on our budget proposals for 2016-20 as well as to tell us your ideas about how we should spend money and deliver services in the future.


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