Edinburgh Licensing Board – consultation on amplified music in licensed premises

Closed 22 Jul 2016

Opened 26 Apr 2016

Results expected 1 Aug 2016

Feedback expected 29 Aug 2016


Edinburgh Licensing Board has agreed to consult on the terms of its current policy on amplified music in licensed premises.  The Board was asked to consider amending the policy, as set out in a detailed recommendation from the Edinburgh Licensing Forum.
The terms of the Board’s current policy on amplified music have been the subject of much discussion, including meetings hosted by the City of Edinburgh Council, and particularly its Culture and Sports Committee.  That committee agreed to set up a working group called Music is Audible, which made a presentation to the Edinburgh Licensing Forum.

Why your views matter

The Edinburgh Licensing Board sits separately from the Council.  The Board is the licensing authority for premises selling alcohol in its geographical area.  The Board has to agree a Statement of Licensing Policy which sets out how it will consider applications for licensed premises in its area, and all associated matters.
This consultation has been requested by the Edinburgh Licensing Forum, which has asked the Board to consider a particular amendment to its existing policy, relating to amplified music in licensed premises – i.e. live and recorded music, transmitted through loudspeakers. 
Please send email responses to: LiquorLicensing@edinburgh.gov.uk
Please sent postal responses, marked “Licensing Board Consultation”, to:
Licensing, City of Edinburgh Council, 249 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ


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