Edinburgh Procurement Strategy

Closed 28 Nov 2019

Opened 31 Oct 2019


Last year the City of Edinburgh Council launched a new programme of change designed to respond to the opportunities and challenges facing the city, now and in the future.  This programme is already transforming the way services are delivered. With a particular focus on tackling poverty, promoting sustainability and improving residents’ wellbeing, it is designed to guide all savings and spending decisions the city makes between now and 2023.

The Council’s Procurement Strategy is a critical part of helping the Council drive this process forward, by enabling it to use its spending power to influence positive change.

The current Commercial and Procurement Strategy is due to end on 31 March 2020.  The strategy is to be replaced, building on the outcomes achieved in the last three years and aligning the strategy with current council commitments and looking to the next five years.

The Procurement Strategy also enables the Council the meet certain legal obligations around how it purchases services and supplies, and there are some elements of our approach that cannot be changed.  Within these boundaries, however, we want this strategy to make sure that Council spending power is used in a way that meets the priorities of the city.

Why We Are Consulting

Please give us your views on the key areas of focus for our new Council Procurement Strategy, and your thoughts on how the Council can influence change through the way it spends its budget.


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