Summary only : Hunter's Hall Park - Cycling Hub Options

Closed 16 Nov 2014

Opened 1 Oct 2014

Results expected 16 Dec 2014

Feedback updated 26 Jan 2015

We asked

How do you feel about the proposal to build new cycling facilities at Hunters Hall Park?

You said

The results of the survey were very positive, with 91% of respondents in favour of the cycling hub proposals. Some respondents had concerns over any further loss of grass pitches.

We did

The results of the survey were submitted to the Culture and Sport Committee on 16 December 2014 which gave approval for the project to be taken forward to the next stage. This will include detailed design proposals and costings, and applications to external bodies for grant funding. The project will take around 18 months to complete.


The Council is looking to create a cycling hub in Hunter's Hall Park where the Jack Kane Sports Centre and Community Wing is based.

This would provide opportunities for adults and young people to develop their cycling ability and help to improve their confidence on the road. It could include facilities such as.

You can see pictures of the facilities on the website Flickr by following the links above.


Why your views matter

There are four options which illustrate different combinations of these cycling facilities. 

Option 1 shows a cycle speedway track and BMX facility, with one full-size 3G pitch and one smaller 3G kickpitch.

Option 2 shows a cycle speedway track, a BMX facility, plus a closed road circuit and an outdoor velodrome. This also has two full-size 3G pitches.

Option 3 shows a cycle speedway track, a BMX facility, plus a closed road circuit and two full-size 3G pitches, but no velodrome.

Option 4 shows a cycle speedway track, a BMX facility, plus an outdoor velodrome and two full-size 3G pitches, but no closed road circuit.

We have diagrams of each of these options so you can see where things would go. You can download these below.

 Once you have looked at the options, please let us know your views through our survey.

What happens next

The survey results will be reported to the Culture and Sport Committee on 16 December 2014.



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