Licensing Board Policy Consultation

Closed 20 Dec 2022

Opened 30 Sep 2022

Results updated 29 Sep 2023

The Board held a meeting early in 2023 to consider the responses to this consultation.  

It has agreed a series of amendments and proposals to its new draft policy statement and will be inviting comment on those changes and the terms of the policy in general towards the end of 2023.


The Edinburgh Licensing Board is about to start the process of preparing its new Statement of Licensing Policy.  The policy sets out in detail how the Board considers applications for the licensing of the sale of alcohol in the Board’s area, but also the expectations the Board has of licence holders in operating their premises.       

The Board has to prepare a new policy every five years and must ensure the policy promotes the licensing objectives of:-

  • Preventing crime and disorder
  • Securing public safety
  • Preventing public nuisance
  • Protecting and improving public health
  • Protecting children and young persons from harm

The policy is a wide-ranging document, and the Board is keen to encourage as broad a range of responses as possible.  A summary of the policy is included with the consultation.  In addition,  the Board is interested to hear views on the following specific topics:-

  • Current licensing hours
  • Extension of licensed hours
  • Children and young persons’ access
  • Temporary licensing (occasional licences)
  • Overprovision

Why your views matter

The Board sits separately from the Council.  The Board is the licensing authority for premises selling alcohol in its geographical area, including supermarkets, convenience stores, pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs.  The Board’s Statement of Licensing Policy sets out how it will consider applications for new licensed premises and changes to existing premises in its area, and how it expects premises to be operated.  The Board must agree and publish its new policy by November 2023 at latest.  The Board must consult before agreeing the terms of its new policy, and intends to do so in two stages.  

This is your opportunity to contribute to the new policy, and the Board is keen to receive a wide range of responses.  The results of this initial, informal consultation will help to shape the more detailed, formal consultation process in early 2023.

Please give us your views on the existing policy.  

What happens next

The Board will hold a meeting early in 2023 to consider the terms of responses to the consultation.  

It is likely the Board will then agree to set dates for meetings to discuss specific policy topics and responses to these.


  • All Edinburgh


  • Elected Members
  • Professionals
  • Residents
  • Students
  • Community councils
  • Professional bodies
  • Young people
  • Licence holders
  • Licence applicants


  • Food safety
  • Health and safety
  • Licences and permits