Procurement Strategy

Closed 11 Nov 2016

Opened 14 Oct 2016


The current Commercial and Procurement Strategy was due to be replaced in April 2017. The new strategy is being brought forward to December 2016 to enable the Council to address the statutory requirements of the Reform Act 2014 and subsequent guidance provided in April 2016.

The changes to the Strategy incorporate the Councils general policies on community benefits, consultation and engagement with those affected by the Councils procurements through co-production, payment of living wage, promotion of compliance with legislation and promotion of standards around ethical trade, animal welfare, payment to contractors and publication of the strategy.

The Reform Act also introduces an Annual Reporting requirement on the regulated procurements completed during each year, which will include detail on future procurements the Council expects to commence in the following 2 financial years. 

Why we are consulting

The strategy requires review of internal and external stakeholders to ensure the approach to procurement takes account of the needs of our city and is tailored to meet the Councils policies, aims and objectives.

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What happens next

The revised Procurement Strategy will be discussed at Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee on 6 December 2016.

The new strategy will come into effect on 31 December 2016.


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