Care at Home Contract

Closed 8 Jun 2015

Opened 19 May 2015

Feedback updated 25 Nov 2015

We asked

For general comments on our contractual approach with specific emphasis on outcomes; partnership working; contract scope; mutual responsibilities; and performance indicators.

You said

Additional payments for outcome assessment and minimum required delivery times would be preferable.

Secure information sharing was essential and co-location of providers and the Council’s staff would be preferable.

The contract scope did not cover people over 65 with a disability but did, in contrast to other self-directed options, include shopping.

Further information was required on a range of issues; the contract pricing model did not meet provider requirements; and being responsible for all referrals in one area was too high risk for one provider

Additional weightings should be given to other performance indicators and that the current key performance indicators were too arduous.

The current contract terms would reduce the contracted hourly and that the proposed contract terms were too hard.

We did

Clarified that assessment of outcomes was the Council’s responsibility and that providers were allowed to determine their required visit times.

Confirmed that detail of information sharing requirements and security would be provided during implementation and that co-location would not be possible at present but this was an aspiration.

Confirmed that the people over 65 with a disability would be covered by a different contract and that shopping is included in all self-directed options but only in specific circumstances.

Confirmed that contract service specification would be updated to include some of the requested information and clarified expectations on others; re-confirmed why we believe the pricing model does meet provider requirements; and set out how the perceived risk has been mitigated.

Confirmed that performance weightings had been applied elsewhere, where possible and equitable, and that the current key performance indicators reflected both the Council’s and service users’ expectations.

Clarified that the contract terms would not reduce the contracted hourly rate and confirmed aspects of the contract that were beneficial to providers compared with current terms.

Results updated 23 Nov 2015

Attached document is the response from the Care at Home consultation which was carried out in May/June 2015.



The City of Edinburgh Council held a consultation meeting with providers on Tuesday 19th May 2015 on the Specification of Requirements for the new Care at Home contract. 

The Council would welcome comments from interested parties and you are requested to respond by Monday 8th June 2015


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