Braid Road and Comiston Road – local resident engagement

Closed 10 Oct 2021

Opened 20 Sep 2021

Feedback updated 26 Jun 2023

We asked

In April 2021, we asked residents and businesses what they thought about retaining the Spaces for People measures that have been implemented across the city in response to Covid 19, this included the closure of Braid Road, and its subsequent re-opening to southbound traffic only. This also included the introduction of protected cycleways on Comiston Road.

We reported the findings of this engagement to the Council meeting on 24 June. At this meeting councillors agreed that officers should consider options for re-opening Braid Road to northbound traffic, and options for improving public transport journey times on Comiston Road.

We developed several options which were subject to public consultation during September and October 2021.

You said

Survey participants were asked to rank the following four options for Braid Road in order of preference:

  • Option 1: Braid Road fully open in both directions;
  • Option 2: Braid Road open in both directions with a Modal Filter located north of Braidburn Terrace;
  • Option 3: Braid Road fully open northbound, southbound restriction at Hermitage Drive; and
  • Option 4: Braid Road open southbound only with the road closed to motor vehicles at Hermitage Drive.

Option 1 was the most popular first preference, Option 2 was the most popular second preference, Option 3 was the most popular third preference, and Option 4 was the most popular fourth preference.

However, it is notable that many respondents – especially within the local area – chose Option 4 as their first preference. Meanwhile, many respondents – especially within the local area – chose Option 1 as their fourth preference.

Survey participants were asked their opinion on two proposed revisions to the Comiston Road scheme layout: The introduction of a Bus Lane, replacing the cycleway, on the northbound approach to Comiston Springs Avenue, and; The removal of Loading Restrictions throughout the scheme to provide improved access for deliveries.

Both measures were supported by the majority of respondents.

A report on the findings was submitted to the Transport and Environment Committee on 11 November 2021.   A summary of the monitoring and feedback received is included as Appendix 2 of the report.

We did

We reported your feedback to the meeting of the Transport and Environment Committee on 11 November 2021. At this meeting Councillors decided to implement Option 2 at Braid Road.

We recognised that this was not the most preferred option from the engagement exercise, however it is considered a reasonable compromise position, which retains benefits for vulnerable road users at this location and safeguards the Meadows to Greenbank Quiet Route.

At this meeting Councillors also decided to implement the proposed measures at Comiston Road. However, following subsequent discussions with Lothian Buses it was ultimately agreed that the extension to the bus lane was not required.

Following the experimental period, a further Traffic Regulation Order will be required should the Council opt to make this scheme permanent.


Update (26 June 2023)

We closed Braid Road, before re-opening it to southbound traffic alongside protected cycleways as part of the Spaces for People (SfP) programme implemented during 2020 and 2021 in response to Covid-19.  This saw the introduction of measures to support the requirement for physical distancing, particularly where people were opting for different means of transport and travel and there was an increase in the need for space for walking, cycling and wheeling. 

We also introduced protected cycleways on Comiston Road between Braidburn Terrace and Frogstone Road at this time.

As the pandemic eased we decided to retain many of these schemes under the Travelling Safely programme initially on an experimental basis. At several schemes including Braid Road we opted to engage further with communities on various options. 

Following feedback we decided to re-open Braid Road to northbound as well as southbound traffic between the Braids Hotel and Hermitage Drive, with a Modal Filter north of this junction in order to retain benefits for people walking and cycling in the area.

We also decided to remove Loading Restrictions, wherever possible, on Comiston Road to allow for easier access.


We are seeking views from local residents and businesses on proposals for Braid Road and Comiston Road. As you know, we put protected cycle lanes on Comiston Road, and prohibited motor vehicles from travelling north on Braid Road as part of Spaces for People measures to make streets safe for walking, cycling and wheeling and to enable people to physically distance in response to Covid 19.

A public consultation on the potential retention of Spaces for People Measures has been carried out and findings from the consultation were reported back to the City of Edinburgh Council meeting on 24 June. At this meeting Councillors agreed a motion that further engagement should be carried out with the local community council and residents on:

  • Options for re-opening Braid Road in both directions; and
  • Options for easing the impact of the changes on Comiston Road for local residents and for improving public transport.

The results from this survey will help us to address concerns raised regarding measures on these roads and will be considered alongside the previous public consultation feedback at Transport and Environment Committee on 11 November 2021, where Councillors will decide whether the schemes should be retained longer-term on an experimental basis and if so, whether they should be modified.

If the decision involves retaining restrictions on parking, loading, or traffic movements, these restrictions would still need to go through a formal legal process with a right for members of the public to object.


  • Ward 10 - Meadows/Morningside
  • Ward 8 - Colinton/Fairmilehead


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