Edinburgh: connecting our city, transforming our places

Closed 12 Nov 2018

Opened 17 Sep 2018

Results updated 7 Aug 2020

This report was considered by the Transport and Environement Committee on 28 February 2019. 



Through 'Connecting our City, Transforming our Places', the City of Edinburgh Council is setting out bold, ambitious ideas that will help achieve the Edinburgh 2050 vision; a fairer, thriving, connected and inspired city.

The ideas focus on better places designed with people at their heart, with space for human connections; a city that is enabled by technology driving a stronger economy.

The ideas also focus on transport as an enabler of transformational change - by reprioritising how we use our public spaces, roads and streets, using smart technology and integrated services, we can help create a more active, resilient and inclusive city.

Why your views matter

Please take part in this survey to tell us what matters to you and how we should develop the best way forward for Edinburgh. Your views will shape multiple projects:

  • Edinburgh City Centre Transformation – an action plan for a vibrant and people-focussed capital city centre to improve community, economic and cultural life, working to the following vision. ‘An exceptional city centre that is for all, a place for people to live, work, visit and play. A place that is for the future, enriched by the legacy of the past.’
  • The City Mobility Plan – setting citywide transport policy and actions based around the following vision. ‘Edinburgh will have a cleaner, safer, inclusive and accessible transport system delivering healthier, thriving and fairer capital city, and a higher quality of life for Edinburgh residents’.
  • Low Emission Zones – the Council is taking a comprehensive approach to developing LEZs as a step towards protecting Edinburgh’s citizens from the harms of poor air quality, in line with Scottish Government priorities to introduce LEZs in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow by 2020.

What happens next

Following public feedback on the ideas in the prospectus, detailed proposals will be developed for each project, followed by public consultation in early 2019.


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