Currie High Student Travel Survey

Closed 20 Jun 2022

Opened 25 May 2022


Currie High is getting active! 

Being active not only improves your physical and mental health and well being. It has been found to improve concentration and people's ability to learn.

In addition, it can reduce traffic congestion and noise and air pollution on the school run and improve the local environment

As part of this, we'd like to know about how you travel and if there are any barriers which discourage you from travelling on foot, by bike and by public transport.

Anything you tell us will be in confidence and will not be linked to any individual.

Many thanks for your help!

Why your views matter

We are consulting ahead of the rebuilding of the school to get an idea of current issues we may be able to tackle with the design of the new school.


  • Natural neighbourhood area - Baberton
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Currie
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Juniper Green
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Riccarton and Hermiston
  • Neigbourhood Partnership - Pentlands
  • Neigbourhood Partnership - South West
  • Ward 2 - Pentland Hills


  • Children & Young People


  • Children and Families
  • Cycling and walking
  • Road safety
  • Schools