Cycling and walking improvements on Balgreen Road - Final Design

Closed 16 Feb 2018

Opened 22 Jan 2018


This stage of the consultation process provides information on the final design and sets out the project's next steps, including opportunities to respond to the proposed design (see links to project summary below) as part of the statutory processes.

There is an existing signalised pedestrian crossing on Balgreen Road at Baird Drive which cyclists are not currently permitted to use. Upgrading this crossing so that cyclists can use it, will complete a key missing link on the cycle route between Roseburn and Edinburgh Park, called QuietRoute 8.

Why We Are Consulting

A previous consultation on the initial design proposals was carried out in autumn 2016 (see link below). The majority of consultees were generally supportive or strongly supportive of the proposals.

The purpose of sharing these designs is to inform people about the final design that is being proposed.


What Happens Next

The next step will be to commence the statutory legal processes associated to the changes.

This process will give any interested parties the formal right to object to elements of the proposed changes or express other views.

All those who have expressed interest in being kept informed about the project, will be notified about how and when to respond to the statutory processes consultation. Public notices shall also be placed in the local vicinity.


  • Ward 6 - Corstorphine/Murrayfield


  • People with disabilities
  • Children & Young People
  • Elected Members
  • Parents/carers
  • Residents
  • Road users
  • Students
  • Community councils
  • Neighbourhood partnerships
  • Transport groups


  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Cycling and walking
  • Roads and pavements
  • Road safety
  • Travel in Edinburgh