Walking and cycling improvements on Dean Park Crescent at Queensferry Road

Closed 6 Mar 2017

Opened 6 Feb 2017

Feedback updated 10 Apr 2017

We asked

We asked for views on the proposed designs for cycle and walking improvements on Dean Park Crescent at Queensferry Road.

You said

The majority of the feedback was supportive or strongly supportive of the proposals. There were some suggested design alterations and clarifications. These are detailed in the consultation report which can be accessed below.

We did

The feedback to the scheme will be used to evolve and improve the design. Details of the next steps are included in the consultation report, which can be accessed via the link below or by using the contact details supplied.

We shall consult again when the  design drawings are ready. The consultation shall be available online and via other forms if requested. All people who have asked to be kept informed about the scheme shall be alerted when the consultation opens.

Results updated 10 Apr 2017

In the online survey, a key question was regarding preference for motor vehicle access between Oxford Terrace and Dean Park Crescent. The preferred option is to maintain westbound motor vehicle access between Oxford Terrace and Dean Park Crescent.



We want to hear your views on our proposals for the junction of Dean Park Crescent and Queensferry Road, with associated improvements on Oxford Terrace and Learmonth Terrace. This project would transform the junction, with improved pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes and simplified vehicle movements. There are opportunities to improve traffic safety at this location and your views are important to ensure that the project meet the needs of road users.*

Residents asked the council to improve pedestrian safety on Dean Park Crescent. Reducing the speed of vehicles turning from Queensferry Road and simplifying vehicle movements are key considerations.

In developing the proposals we have already had valuable input from the Stockbridge and Inverleith Community Council. Now we are hoping to get views and contributions from as many people and organisations as possible. In the online survey below, you will be asked for your views, including your preference for motor vehicle access between Dean Park Crescent and Oxford Terrace.

Please note these are emerging, high level proposals intended to gather your thoughts on reducing vehicle speeds and improving pedestrian crossings and pedestrian safety. The proposals represent a long-term view of the street. We will use your views to inform the preliminary design process, and you will be consulted again.



No motor vehicle access between Dean Park Crescent and Oxford Terrace with maximum benefit to pedestrians and cyclists. Please complete the online survey to give us your preference.


Access between Dean Park Crescent and Oxford Terrace is maintained with limited benefit to pedestrians. Please complete the online survey to give us your preference.



Please complete the online survey to give us your preference for the area between Dean Park Crescent and Oxford Terrace:

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*Please note there was a proposed traffic regulation order for the junction of Buckingham Terrace and Queensferry Road. This proposal would close the access opposite Oxford Terrace. Following statutory consultation, objections were received and the proposal is currently under consideration.

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Why your views matter

The Council needs to understand and consider all the needs and views expressed by people regarding the street re-design.

We will use the comments to develop an optimum design that improves the street for walking and cycling.

What happens next

Following the consultation, the designs will be further refined and developed by a design team of Council and external technical experts.

Preliminary engineering designs are expected to be complete by April 2017.

Subject to Committee approval and funding availability, and completion of required statutory processes the intention is to begin construction in 2018/19.



  • Natural neighbourhood area - Blackhall
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Comely Bank
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Craigleith
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Dean Village/West End
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Orchard Brae
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Stockbridge
  • Natural neighbourhood area - West End
  • Neigbourhood Partnership - Inverleith
  • Ward 5 - Inverleith


  • People with disabilities
  • Elected Members
  • Residents
  • Road users
  • Taxi Licence holders
  • Built heritage groups
  • Community councils
  • Developers/investors
  • Development management statutory consultees
  • Development planning key agencies
  • Housing associations
  • Landowners
  • Natural heritage/open space
  • Neighbourhood partnerships
  • Planning consultants
  • Services/utilities
  • Transport groups
  • Licence holders


  • Disabilities
  • Cycling and walking
  • Parking permits
  • Public Transport
  • Roads and pavements
  • Road safety
  • Traffic regulation
  • Travel in Edinburgh
  • Economic development
  • Community planning
  • Councillors and committees
  • Policies, plans and strategies
  • Emergency planning
  • Noise
  • Pollution
  • Council and housing association homes
  • Private housing
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Sport, activities and dance
  • Conservation
  • Permissions for development