Granton Waterfront - New Core Path Naming

Closed 18 Nov 2022

Opened 11 Oct 2022


The Granton Waterfront Core Path is a key active travel route linking Waterfront Avenue with West Shore Road and providing access to the Granton Castle Walled Garden as well as access to the Social Bite Village. Increased use of the path is also expected now that Edinburgh Palette are moving into 20 West Shore Road, with the path providing a direct link to the nearest bus stops and the Waterfront Broadway local centre.

The Council will be widening and resurfacing the path, as well as installing streetlighting along the route. The works will make the path considerably safer and more accessible. The works are due to complete in Autumn 2022.

Granton Waterfront Development Framework, 2020 (c) Collective Architecture

Why your views matter

We want to know what you would like to call your upgraded Core Path.

New streets are named after people, places or events associated with the City of Edinburgh to preserve history and sustain our sense of place. Names should meet at least one of these criteria:

  • commemorate local history, places, events or culture, in particular any that relate to the site
  • honour and commemorate notable people associated with the local area or the City of Edinburgh as a whole, giving a woman’s name priority where possible. Please note a person must have been deceased for at least five years and is subject to family approval.
  • celebrate cultural diversity in the City of Edinburgh
  • commemorate national and international notable persons who are deceased. A person must have been deceased for at least five years and is subject to family approval.
  • commemorate national and international events
  • strengthen neighbourhood identity
  • recognise native wildlife, flora, fauna or natural features related to the community or the City of Edinburgh as a whole.

We keep and update a bank of potential street names for the various parts of the city. You can propose names to be added to the bank through your ward councillors, local community council, neighbourhood network or by emailing Proposed names should be accompanied by some detail as to the history behind the suggestion.

What happens next

Once the consultation closes the most popular name will be proposed to the ward councillors and community councils for agreement.


  • Natural neighbourhood area - Granton/Waterfont


  • Anyone from any background


  • All interests