Johns Pl @ Elbe St - Ped Crossing Improvements

Closed 26 Aug 2018

Opened 3 Aug 2018


The City of Edinburgh Council has received a request to provide a new pedestrian crossing facility on Links Place at the junction of Johns Place and Elbe Street.

In order to manage thelarge number of such requests we have developed a priority system to evaluate locations and the crossing type most suitable for each location.  The current priority system was approved by the Council’s Transport Infrastructure and Environment Committee on 28 July 2009.

The base data which is used to assess if a location is suitable for a crossing is known as the PV2 value.  This is a nationally recognised value that indicates the number of passing vehicles and crossing pedestrians.  Pedestrian and vehicle counts are taken over the peak hours of a week day from 7am to 10am and 3pm to 6pm, and avoiding any school holidays or other factors which may skew results. 

This base PV2 value is then adjusted to take account of local factors such as the age of those crossing, the composition of passing traffic, the number of pedestrian accidents and the number of trip attractors such as schools, doctors’ surgeries, shops etc.

A location with an adjusted PV2 value of 1 or higher (2 or higher on a dual carriageway) would be considered for a puffin crossing, locations with a value of 0.3 or higher would be considered for a suite of measures that includes a zebra crossing, refuge island or pavement build-outs.  If a very low PV2 value is achieved no additional crossing facilities may be recommended. 

Why We Are Consulting

A crossing assessment was recently undertaken on Links Place at the junction of Johns Place and Elbe Street.  This resulted in an adjusted PV2 value of 0.44. 

Our intention is to tighten up the radius of the left turn into Johns Place to slow traffic and to construct a pedestrian refuge island at this point, as shown on the attached plan.

We wish to gather local opinion on the location and type of crossing proposed at this site.

What Happens Next

Once the consultation closes the responses will be analysed and an email will be sent to all responders with the results of the consultation.


  • Natural neighbourhood area - Leith Links


  • Residents
  • Road users


  • Road safety