Kirk Brae - Island Removal

Closed 15 Oct 2017

Opened 25 Sep 2017


A request has been received by local residents to remove a traffic island outside No.52 Kirk Brae.

This proposal involves the removal of a traffic island on Kirk Brae. A pedestrian crossing assessment was carried out at the location of the traffic island. This assessment showed that the island was not being used as a pedestrian crossing facility.

The island in question has been struck by passing traffic several times and it is felt that the removal of this island will improve road safety in the immediate area. Funds have been allocated to this scheme from the 2017/18 Road Safety budget.

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation is to gauge local residents views on the removal of this island.

A plan of the proposed island removal can be found under "Related Documents"


  • Natural neighbourhood area - Liberton


  • Residents


  • Road safety