Meadows to Canal - Cycling and Walking Improvements

Closed 31 May 2019

Opened 8 Apr 2019

Results expected 1 Jun 2019

Feedback expected 30 Jun 2019


Meadows to Canal

We are developing a new and improved cycle and walking connection between the Union Canal and the Meadows along National Cycle Network Route 75 (NCN75)

The aims of this scheme are to:

  • Provide cyclists of all abilities with a safe, direct passage between the two cycle friendly destinations.
  • Improve the walking experience.
  • Enhance the bus stop locations.
  • Encourage people to consider active travel as a mode of transport.

The planned cycle improvements include:

  • Segregated bidirectional cycle lane on Home Street
  • Ban on 'through traffic' on Tarvit Street except for cycles and deliveries. 
  • Contraflow cycling permitted on Tarvit Street.
  • New toucan crossing on Brougham Street.
  • Segregated uni-directional cycle lanes on Brougham Street
  • Path widening and segregation between Leven Terrace and North Meadow Walk.
  • Contraflow cycling permitted on Valleyfield Street.

The planned walking improvements include:

  • Footway widening on Lochrin Place.
  • Footway widening on Home Street.
  • New pedestrian crossing at Lochrin Terrace / Home Street junction.
  • Pedestrianisation of Tarvit Street adjacent to the Kings Theatre.
  • Footway build outs at Valleyfield Street / Leven Terrace junction.
  • Path widening and segregation between Leven Terrace and North Meadow Walk.

Why your views matter

We would not normally consult on a project for a second time before the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) process however, due to the delay in the scheme progressing we feel it is important to re-engage with the public and inform them of changes since the last consultation in 2014.

In order to best accomodate the needs of the local businesses on Home Street the we are now proposing to route the segregated cycle lane down the West side of the street.  The existing pedestrian crossing is to be relocated to the junction of Lochrin Terrace to be more appropriate for those walking to and from Lochrin Terrace where Tollcross Primary is located.

Other significant changes include the pedestrianisation of Tarvit Street and the path widening between Valleyfield Street and Melville Drive.

We are also proposing a number of continuous footways that will prioritise pedestrian movements at side roads.

What happens next

All the responses will be collated and a response will be provided in due course.



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  • Ward 9 - Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart


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