New Fountainbridge Park

Closed 27 Apr 2015

Opened 7 Apr 2015

Feedback updated 16 Dec 2015

We asked

What the new park next to the Union Canal at Fountainbridge should be called, and what park benches should be installed.

You said

Responses to the questionnaire were varied. The results of the survey can be viewed in the following report.

We did

Following the online survey and public display at Napier University Bainfield Union Cafe Bar, the Fountainbridge Steering Sub Group has decided to name the new space ‘Fountainbridge Green’.

The Sub Group concluded that people preferred benches that are robust and comfortable to sit on, deciding to install traditional park benches. These will now be taken forward with completion of the park expected by the end of the summer.

For more information you can contact the site developers, or the local environment team

Results updated 16 Jun 2015

The results of the survey are attached 

and were used by the Fountainbridge Steering Sub Group to formulate their recommendations.

The document combines responses from the online questionnaire with those from the display and ballot box located at the Napier University Bainfield Union Cafe Bar. Responses have been redacted for personal information. 



Regular users of the Union Canal Towpath will have noticed a lot of construction activity near the eastern part of the canal. The site between Gibson Terrace and Viewforth is where the new Boroughmuir High School is being built, opening in August 2016.

Part of the contract to build the school involves provision of a new “linear” park, running parallel to the canal towpath, from the top of Gibson Terrace to where the school boundary will be. The park will be in place by summer 2015.

The park was granted detailed planning permission as part of the overall school planning consent and sees new trees being planted, new paving and an outdoor gym. However, there are still one or two aspects of the park which are to be firmed up and on which we welcome your views.

Why your views matter

We have a number of possible options for the design of benches and have also come up with a couple of suggestions for the name of the park. Please tell us what you think, or feel free to give us your own suggestions, via the link below. 

You can also visit the park site to see some images of what the park will look like, as well as giving your views while there. 

The venue is the Napier University Bainfield Union Cafe Bar, 7 Bainfield Drive, Edinburgh, EH11 1AR (just off Fountainbridge/Dundee Street). Dates and times for visiting are:

Thursday 23 April         11am – 10pm

Friday 24 April              11am – 10pm

Saturday 25 April          12noon – 10pm

What happens next

The development of the new park is being guided by a small working group made up of Council staff, community representatives, the park contractor and one of the local councillors.

Once the working group has looked at all your feedback it will produce recommendations on the name and the benches design for the contractors and council to deliver. The working group is also looking at longer term arrangements for community involvement in the park, once it is up and running, so we welcome interest in that.


  • All Edinburgh
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Fountainbridge
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Fountainbridge/Polwarth
  • Neigbourhood Partnership - South West
  • Ward 9 - Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart


  • People with long term conditions
  • People with disabilities
  • Older people
  • Children & Young People
  • Parents/carers
  • Residents
  • Students


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