Newbattle Terrace Public Realm Works

Closed 24 Dec 2020

Opened 30 Nov 2020

Feedback updated 21 Jan 2021

We asked

We asked for comments on our proposals for major refurbishment works on Newbattle Terrace between Morningside Road and Eden Lane.

You said

Although many respondents were supportive of the scheme overall, the most unpopular aspect by far was the proposal to narrow and signalise the junction of Newbattle Terrace and Pitsligo Road, and to render Pitsligo one-way at its southern end.

We did

We have re-examined the arrangement at Pitsligo Road and have amended the design as follows:

  • Pitsligo Road will remain two-way over its entire length
  • There will no longer be a stand-alone pedestrian crossing on Newbattle Terrace
  • The narrowing at the junction of Newbattle and Pitsligo will remain, with a minimum of 2-metre-wide footpaths
  • The junction of Newbattle and Pitsligo will be a 3-way traffic signal junction with pedestrian crossing points on all arms

Results updated 21 Jan 2021



The Council is proposing to carry our major refurbishment works on Newbattle Terrace between Morningside Road and Eden Lane. The aim of the scheme is to improve the streetscape and make it a more welcoming place by:

  • Resurfacing the road and footpaths in high quality materials
  • Eliminating uneven surfaces and drainage problems
  • Replacing missing street trees with suitable species
  • Introducing continuous at-level footpaths over all junctions within the scheme whereby pedestrians have priority over vehicles
  • Installing a signalised pedestrian crossing to the west of Pitsligo Road
  • Improving the area at the junction with Pitsligo Road by widening footpaths and reducing traffic by making the south part of Pitsligo Road one-way northbound (away from Newbattle Terrace) with a southbound contraflow cycle lane on the one-way section

This exercise is to showcase the proposals and allow stakeholders to comment.


  • All Edinburgh


  • Anyone from any background


  • Roads and pavements
  • Traffic regulation
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