Parking in Corstorphine

Closed 7 Sep 2018

Opened 19 Jun 2018


Parking in Corstorphine

The Council has received a number of representations from residents in your area. Those representations indicated concern at the parking situation in their street and asked the Council to look at introducing measures designed to address the highlighted parking issues.

In 2017, the Council conducted a parking survey in the Corstorphine area. A link to a plan of the area covered can be found at the bottom of this page.

The survey showed that Corstorphine attracts a high number of car trips, not only by visitors, but also by commuters who leave their vehicles parked on-street throughout the working day. This type of parking can have a detrimental impact on residents, by making it difficult to park near to home, and on businesses by taking up space that would otherwise be available to customers.

The Council has decided to investigate these parking issue further, seeking the views of residents and businesses in the Corstorphine area. Before any decision is take as to potential solutions to the parking problems, we want to find out what people who live, work and run businesses in Corstorphine think of parking and whether there is support for measures to improve parking in Corstorphine.

Please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with the survey area. There is a link at the bottom of this page.

A further link provides information on the operation of Priority Parking, one of the options that might be adopted in Corstorphine to address parking issues.

Why We Are Consulting

Although we have already been contacted by some residents in this area, we want to give everyone the opportunity to tell us their views on parking.

Even if you have already contacted us previously, or have taken part in any other consultations, please take a few minutes to let us know:

a)      Whether or not there are any parking problems in your street;

b)      Whether you think that parking controls are necessary in your area, either now, or in the future.

The more responses that we receive, the more representative this consultation will be.

What Happens Next

The Council has recently adopted a new protocol for dealing with requests for new controlled parking schemes. Among the main requirements that must be met before the Council will propose new controls is that there must be evidence of parking problems and of significant support for action from residents.

The Council has no desire to introduce parking controls where they are neither needed or supported by residents. If the response from residents indicates very little support from residents, or that residents are having no problems with parking, then no further action will be taken.

If there are indications that residents are experiencing parking problems, along with evidence of support for parking controls, then the Council could take the necessary steps to introduce parking controls.

What if there is support for action from some streets?

If the results of the consultation show that there is support in some areas, but not others, then it is possible that controls could be introduced on the basis of where there is support.

However, in accordance with our new protocol, controls will not be considered in single streets, or in very small areas.


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