Parking in south Morningside

Closed 31 Dec 2017

Opened 27 Nov 2017


Parking in south Morningside

In 2011, the Council proposed the introduction of Priority Parking across the south Morningside area. The consultation process showed a mixture of support and opposition for the proposal, and the Council took the decision to introduce controls in only those streets where there was clear support. The result was a Priority Parking Area (B2) which mainly covered the streets close to Comiston Road.

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Since B2 was introduced there have been an increase in requests to extend those controls into other areas. There has been significant interest in extending B2 eastwards to Midmar Drive, while a separate consultation with residents on traffic management proposals for Braidburn Terrace also revealed support for Priority Parking. Committee approval has now been granted to start the legal process to extend B2 into both of these areas.

In addition, we have also heard from residents:

·         in streets to the west of Comiston Road, concerned that the parking situation in their streets has worsened, conducting their own consultation. The results of that consultation indicated that there is now support for extending the Priority Parking scheme into some of the streets west of B2.

·         affected by ongoing work on the expansion of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital asking the Council to consider measures to manage parking when the new facilities are occupied by patients and staff.

Why We Are Consulting

Although we have already been contacted by some residents in this area, we want to give everyone  the opportunity to tell us their views on parking.

Even if you have already contacted us previously, or have taken part in any other consultations, please take a few minutes to let us know:

a)      Whether or not there are any parking problems in your street;

b)      Your views on the potential parking impact of developments (such as the expansion of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital); and

c)      Whether you think that parking controls are necessary in your area, either now, or in the future.

What Happens Next

The Council has recently adopted a new protocol for dealing with requests for new controlled parking schemes. Among the main requirements that must be met before the Council will propose new controls is that there must be evidence of parking problems and of significant support for action from residents.

The Council has no desire to introduce parking controls where they are neither needed or supported by residents. If the response from residents indicates very little support from residents, or that residents are having no problems with parking, then no further action will be taken.

If there are indications that residents are experiencing parking problems, along with evidence of support for parking controls, then the Council could take the necessary steps to start the legal process to extend the B2 Priority Parking Area.

What if there is support for action from some streets?

Similar to the approach taken when B2 was introduced, if the results of the consultation show that there is support in some areas, but not others, then it is possible that controls could be introduced on the basis of where there is support.

However, in accordance with our new protocol, controls will not be considered in single streets, or in very small areas.


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