Annual Review of Major Events in Parks 2016/2017

Closed 22 Nov 2017

Opened 25 Oct 2017


Thank you for taking part in this survey. Edinburgh parks play host to a huge array of events every year and we know that there is a balance to be struck between those who wish to host events, those wanting to enjoy them and those whose everyday lives are either enhanced or disrupted in some way. In addition, we need to ensure that the quality of the park and grounds is maintained to a high standard. 

By completing this survey, it will enable us to gauge how events are being managed, identify specific issues or problems and seek solutions in time for next year's programme. We have identified a small selection of this year's events for analysis and the results will be published early in 2018. We are asking everyone involved in the process, (local community, audiences, organisers, and any other interested parties) to respond. 

What Happens Next

The results of this consultation will form a report which will be presented to the Transport and Environment Committee on 3 March 2018.


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  • Residents
  • Visitors
  • Community councils
  • Natural heritage/open space
  • Neighbourhood partnerships


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