Proposed extension to the New Town Conservation Area

Closes 24 Feb 2020

Opened 13 Jan 2020


Following a recent review of the boundaries of the New Town and Dean Conservation Areas, it has been noted that Belgrave Mews, including the small run of properties to its outer-edge that front onto Dean Bank, is not included within the boundaries of either conservation areas.

The review assessed the architectural and historic interest of these buildings, their overall character, and their historic links with the larger townhouses situated along Belgrave Crescent and Terrace. The resulting conclusions drawn from the review recognised the contribution of Belgrave Mews to the special character and appearance of the New Town Conservation Area and, as such, we are considering revising the western boundary of the New Town Conservation Area to include this important group of buildings.   


Comprising of one and half to two storey traditionally designed slate pitched roofed mews with finely detailed polished margins and intricate wallhead dormer windows, the buildings have a greater degree of formality than many of the mews lanes within the first New Town. Many of the mews buildings include large carriage doors (some converted into windows) with squat first floors and timber framed astragal windows.


Why We Are Consulting

We would like your views on whether you would support a proposed extension to the western boundary of the New Town Conservation Area to include Belgrave Mews.

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