School Crossing Patrol Review - Parents and Carers

Closed 29 Apr 2018

Opened 27 Mar 2018


Our school crossing guides continue to deliver an excellent and highly valued service to communities across Edinburgh and we want to make sure this continues.

We have already studied our existing patrol sites; how many people use them, traffic levels and where they are located.

We are now getting feedback from school crossing patrol guides, people using the service and groups including parents and carers.

Why We Are Consulting

We are reviewing the current service to make sure we are providing the best possible service and that we have crossing guides where and when we most need them.

What Happens Next

We will present a report of the feedback from the consultation in late 2018 to councillors. Councillors will then use this feedback when deciding if any changes should be made to the service.


  • All Edinburgh


  • Parents/carers


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