Short-Term Let Control Area

Closed 5 Nov 2021

Opened 2 Sep 2021


In April 2021, government introduced laws which allow councils in Scotland to designate all or part of their area as a Short-Term Let Control Area. If councils choose to do this, they must get approval from Scottish Government.

On 11 August 2021, the Planning Committee approved a proposal to ask people for their views on whether we should have a Short-Term Let Control Area for the entire Council area.

If a short-term let control area is approved by the Council and by Scottish Government, a property owner who is letting out a residential property (which is not their principal home) on a short-term let basis would have to apply for ‘change of use’ approval through the planning application process.

This does not mean a blanket ban on short-term lets.  It will mean that the change of use from residential properties to short-term lets will be controlled under planning regulations. This allows decisions to be taken in line with the council’s local development plan and other material considerations.

The Short-Term Let Control Area would not affect letting rooms or letting out the whole residential property where it is the owner’s principal home and the owner is absent.

The proposal is supported by the following:

You can see a copy of the Statement of Reasons, Background Report and map of the proposed area of designation in City Chambers reception, 249-253 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ, Monday to Thursday between 9am and 5pm and Friday between 9am and 3:.0pm.

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Why your views matter

Your responses will be used to inform the decision on taking forward a Short-Term Let Control Area for formal designation. While it is the Council’s decision to designate a control area, it must be approved by Scottish Ministers.   

We will read and consider all responses we receive to this consultation, before presenting a proposal to the Planning Committee. If the committee approves that there should be a Short-Term Let Control Area, we will submit the final proposal to Scottish Ministers for their approval.

You can give us your views using this online survey.

We will treat the responses you give confidentially and no comments you make can or will be linked directly to you, unless you are responding on behalf of an organisation. You can view our Privacy Notice for Planning and Building Standards

What happens next

Following consultation, the proposal will be reviewed and subject of a further report to Planning Committee.  Consultation responses will form part of this report, which will be publicly available.  Should it be decided to progress with a designation the proposal will require to be submitted to Scottish Ministers for their approval. 


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