Victoria Park's Bowling Greens

Closed 8 Jun 2024

Opened 24 Apr 2024

Results updated 27 Jun 2024

We received a total of 271 responses to the survey, showing overall support for the current proposal and its features. The majority of respondents felt that the proposed design would make the park feel more welcoming and accessible, benefit both people and nature, and meet the community's needs. 

Key findings from the survey include: 

  • Sensory Garden: 74% of respondents support the introduction of a sensory garden. 
  • Improved Water Management: 83% support better water management. 
  • Natural Play Areas: 78% are in favour of natural play areas. 
  • Tree Planting: 84% support more tree planting. 
  • Community Growing Space: 70% are in favour of community growing space. 
  • 84% think that the proposed features will provide benefits to nature and local ecosystems  
  • 79% agreed the design would be good for health and wellbeing

There were 156 comments submitted. Many used the comments to share support for the design, whilst several others used the comment section to offer other ideas or raise concerns about the features presented. Primarily, comments shared the following: 

  • The demand for allotments should be balanced with community gardens to benefit a broader range of residents and ensure inclusivity.  
  • The current proposals lack facilities for teenagers.
  • Concerns about the absence of public toilets highlight the need for robust, accessible facilities, ideally linked to a café for improved park usability and hygiene. 

We would like to thank everyone who responded to the consultation. We have already considered the comments and how to reflect them in the design. Where this is not possible, we will explore how other areas of the park can be adapted to accommodate some of these suggestions. 



The Thriving Green Spaces team in City of Edinburgh Council are currently developing proposals for unused Bowling Greens in parks throughout the city. This includes Victoria Park’s bowling greens. 

The team has delivered several consultation sessions. Drawing from this feedback, we have developed several ideas for how these spaces could be improved and re-integrated back into the park. Our landscape architects have visually developed these ideas further, and at this stage the City of Edinburgh Council is asking for feedback on these ideas to help refine future proposals.  

The re-opening and improvements of these spaces will provide significant value to the local community, benefitting people who live in or work in the area, as well as those travelling through. 

Why your views matter

We have worked with communities and landscape architects to prepare several ideas for reusing these areas. Now we need your input to refine these ideas. We aim for any improvements to the bowling green spaces to maximise health and wellbeing benefits for local communities. We need to hear your views so that we can incorporate them into plan proposals.  

What happens next

This survey is now closed. Alongside this consultation, we also ran tailored workshops with different groups. The information gathered will form a report to be reviewed internally by the City of Edinburgh Council.    

Using the findings from this survey, the ideas presented will be developed in more detail, and will be further refined through additional consultation. After this stage, final designs will be used to support funding applications for construction stages. 


  • Natural neighbourhood area - Granton/Waterfont
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Leith
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Newhaven
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Pilrig
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Trinity
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Wardie Bay
  • Neigbourhood Partnership - Forth
  • Neigbourhood Partnership - Leith
  • Ward 13 - Leith


  • Anyone from any background


  • Biodiversity
  • Nature
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Public space
  • Sustainability
  • Net Zero
  • Adaptation
  • Climate Change