Tenant Participation Strategy 2024 - 2027

Closes 17 Aug 2024

Opened 10 Jun 2024


It’s important that tenants feel able to influence and have a say on the housing services they receive. We want to understand how we can better support tenants’ participation in developing services and what opportunities or ways you would like to get involved.

Our previous Tenant Participation Strategy (TPS) focused on four broad principles:

  1. Tenants know the different ways they can become involved
  2. Tenants can take part and influence decisions if they want to
  3. Tenants have the support and resources they need to take part
  4. Tenants can help to develop quality services.

For the 2024-27 strategy, we’ve refreshed the principles and are suggesting the following:

  1. Communications will be clear, informative and accessible for all tenants. New technologies will be better used to strengthen communication with tenants.
  2. There’ll be a range of improved participation opportunities and it will be easier for tenants to take part and have their say on housing services in ways that suit them best.
  3. We’ll support tenants to scrutinise housing services and ensure tenant feedback is considered.
  4. We’ll support organisations, like Edinburgh Tenants’ Federation, who help tenants to participate by ensuring that tenants are aware of them and know how to access their services/become involved.

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