Draft Climate Ready Edinburgh Plan (New climate change adaptation plan for the city)

Closed 6 May 2024

Opened 15 Jan 2024


We would like to hear your views on the draft Climate Ready Edinburgh plan.  

Read the draft Climate Ready Edinburgh plan.

The plan explains why we need to adapt our city to the impacts of climate change including the most up-to-date projections of how Edinburgh’s climate is likely to change in the future, the impacts of this and the implications this has for the city. It then sets out what we are already doing and planning to do to adapt the city through identifying the areas we need to prioritise and the actions we need to take under these priorities to do so.  

Climate change is already presenting many risks – and some opportunities – to our homes, businesses and way of life in the city of Edinburgh, affecting people, our landscapes, environment and economy. Our climate is projected to change further, despite our existing efforts to reduce Scotland’s carbon emissions. We are likely to see increasing extreme weather, heavier winter rainfall and reduced summer rainfall, higher average temperatures, with more frequent and extreme heatwaves, sea level rise and coastal erosion, and increased likelihood of flooding.  

Projected climate change image

These hazards could cause significant damage to Edinburgh and its surrounding area.  Some individuals and communities are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change in the city. We need to ensure that we are adapting in ways that benefits all our citizens and communities.

Edinburgh began the process of adapting to these climate risks in 2016 but much more is required. The good news is that Edinburgh Adapts (a cross-sector partnership with 12 member organisations and supported by Edinburgh’s Net Zero Leadership Board) recognises these challenges and is committed to addressing them with an inclusive and fair approach. We must act fast.

Why your views matter

Our vision:

Edinburgh will be a thriving, fair, resilient city and region where people, communities and nature flourish in a changing climate.

To help deliver this vision the Edinburgh Adapts partnership has been preparing the city’s second climate adaptation plan called Climate Ready Edinburgh. This will provide a roadmap to enable public and private organisations, businesses, communities and individuals work together to build a resilient and flourishing capital city.

We have already done much work on adapting the city to the impacts of climate change. This draft plan aims to build on that work and identify any additional work that needs to be done to ensure we adapt the city.

We are now consulting on this draft plan and are keen to hear your views on the approach we are taking, as well as any experiences you have had of extreme weather, rising temperatures and other climate impacts in the city. This essential part of the process will make the plan stronger and ensure it belongs to us all.  We need your opinion and expertise.

The consultation takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and your responses will feed into the final version of the plan.  
This will then be presented to committee for a decision on approval in Spring 2024.

Need a different language or format?

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