Common Good Register

Closed 31 Dec 2018

Opened 1 Oct 2018


The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 places a duty on local authorities to “establish and maintain a register of property which is held by the authority as part of the common good” (a common good register).

Before establishing a common good register, the Act requires a local authority to prepare and publish a list of properties that it proposes to include in the register. 

The local authority must consult on this list and notify community councils and other community bodies so that these groups can consider the list, give their views and make any representations that they may have.

Please click here to view the common goods register.



Why your views matter

Local authorities have a duty to create a register of Common Good property and to consult with the local community in the preparation of this register.  It is important that all our Common Good property is identified and included in the Register and we want your help to achieve this.  Let us know what you think – are there any Council owned properties that you believe we should add or remove from the draft Common Good Register?


What happens next

The information submitted will be considered by the Council Solicitor who will establish if the proposed property is a Common Good asset or not.  If required, the Common Good register will be amended once the consultation period has ended.


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