Edinburgh’s Sensory Impairment Needs Assessment

Closed 17 Jul 2019

Opened 6 Jun 2019


We are looking for the views of adults with sensory impairments (hearing and/or vision) and their carers living in Edinburgh. These will be used to shape new Health and Social Care services, and help to guide the implementation of the Scottish Government’s See Hear strategy in the city.

If you are a carer, please encourage the person you care for to complete the survey, but please record your own answers to questions 1,2,3 and 13 as well.    

(Some organisations will not allow employees to use YouTube. If you cannot see the video, please use your personal device. Thank you.)

Why We Are Consulting

The Health and Social Care Partnership will put in place a new contract for supporting adults with sensory impairments in October 2020. We need to better understand the needs of people so that the new contract will meet those needs.

We are also interested in the wider needs and views of people with sensory impairments. This will help us to implement the Scottish Government strategy for sensory impairment, See Hear.

BSL users are able to give their answers in BSL.

You can request this questionnaire on tape, in Braille, large print and various computer formats if you ask us. Please contact Interpretation and Translation Service (ITS) on 0131 242 8181 and quote reference number 19-4987. ITS can also give information on community language translations. You can get more copies of this questionnaire by e-mailing SeeHear@edinburgh.gov.uk or using Contact Scotland BSL to call 0131 469 3874.

What Happens Next

We will use the information provided in this consultation to shape a new contract specification for adult sensory support. We will invite organisations to tender for this work, and the contract will start in October 2020.

The wider information received will be used to shape the implementation of the See Hear strategy in Edinburgh over the coming years.


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