Edinburgh Community Council Scheme Review Final Phase

Closed 3 Jun 2019

Opened 6 May 2019

Feedback expected 27 Jun 2019


On 7 February 2019, the Council authorised the Review of the Scheme for Community Councils. Minor changes were made and approved for further consultation on 2 May 2019.

The Scheme, Constitution and Standing Orders set out the rules and regulations governing community councils including election procedures, meeting arrangements, membership, financial provisions and a code of conduct.

The review aims to improve and update the terms and provisions of the Community Council Scheme. A complaints procedure is also proposed for considering breaches of the code of conduct.

Your views are welcome on the draft Scheme and complaints procedure as contained within the Full Council report. View the Full Council report here.

Your opinion matters

The consultation period runs until 3 June 2019.  You can comment using the link below or you can send your comments by:

Please include your name, address and postcode.  No personal details will be published.

Further information about community councils and the review is available at on the Council website 

What happens next

This will be submitted for final approval to the City of Edinburgh Council on 27 June 2019.   


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