Edinburgh Community Council Scheme Review

Closed 22 Apr 2019

Opened 11 Feb 2019

Results Updated 10 May 2019

The results of this survey formed part of the first statutory consultation, material from which was used to draft proposed amendments to the Scheme for Community Councils. A final statutory consultation on proposals will run from 6 May 2019 to 3 June 2019. Comments can be made on the Council’s Consultation Hub, in Locality Offices, and in Libraries and during this period.




A review of the Edinburgh Community Council Scheme is currently underway. The Scheme covers the rules and regulations governing community councils including election procedures, meeting arrangements, membership, and conduct.

The following steps have been taken in advance of the statutory consultation process to inform the draft proposals published for consultation:

  • Joint meeting of community councils (CCs)
  • Questionnaire to all CCs, elected members and key stakeholders,
  • Discussions with key local authority officers and elected members,
  • Integrated Impact Assessment, and
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment.

Proposals aim to improve and update the terms and provisions of the Scheme. This will include the introduction of a complaints procedure for dealing with breaches of the Community Councillor’s Code of Conduct. Changes to the existing Scheme are highlighted in red and bold.

Your views are welcome on the Draft Scheme and Complaints Procedure including areas where no changes are proposed.  These will be used to help shape the final documents to be submitted to the City of Edinburgh Council for approval on 2 May 2019. If proposals are significantly revised at this stage then a second period of consultation may be required.

Further information about community councils and the review is available at on the Council website 




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