Museums & Galleries Edinburgh learning, equalities and community engagement survey

Closes 30 Aug 2021

Your views

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1. Your details

The Council uses this information to ensure responses to consultations are genuine and that each person is submitting only one response. No names or email addresses will be published. 


2. Are you answering as an individual or on behalf of an group or organisation?
3. We are developing new priorities for our learning and engagement programmes. Please select areas that you feel should be prioritised:
4. Who do you think our target audiences should be? Please select those that you feel should be prioritised:
5. What sorts of activities would you be interested in taking part in as an individual? Please select all that apply:
6. We are working to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in our service. Do you feel that the museums are promoting fairness, representation and justice in your community?
7. Please tick the actions you think we should explore to improve equality, diversity and inclusion within the museums:

If you told us that you are an individual in question 1, you will now be taken straight to the equality and diversity questions on page three.