Early Learning and Childcare

Closed 29 Apr 2016

Opened 17 Mar 2016

Feedback updated 31 Aug 2016

We asked

We asked parents/carers for their views on the current situation regarding early years provision and on the Scottish Government's plans for the future - increasing hours from 600 to 1140 hours for all 3 and 4 year olds and eligible 2 yeard olds.

You said

We outlined four models of how the new hours could potentially be introduced and asked parents/carers to say which they thought was best.  They came back with a clear response.

We did

We will use the findings of the consultation to inform which models are piloted in the lead up to the introduction of 1140 hours by 2020. 

New nurseries which will be open from August 2017 will offer provision throughout the year, including during the school holidays. 

For more information, see the Early Years blog



The Scottish Government has announced its intention to increase early learning and childcare hours for all three and four year olds and for eligible two year olds from the current 600 hours per year - in nurseries, early years centres, playgroups and childminders - to 1140 hours by 2020.

In Edinburgh, we want to find out what parents/carers think.  Would they use increased hours if they were available?  How should they be provided – all in the one centre or across different centres?  All during term time or some in the school holidays as well?

We aim to test new ways of providing early learning and childcare.  Parents' and carers' views will help us to identify what we should try out and where.

Why your views matter

In preparation for the planned expansion to 1140 hours, the Scottish Government has asked councils to consult with parents/carers about which models of delivery they would like tested out in practice.  The aim of these tests will be to see how best to provide the 1140 hours to all eligible children.

What happens next

We will publish a summary of the survey responses and circulate it to all nurseries and early years centres by June.


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