Advertising boards and other temporary on-street advertising structures

Closed 7 Mar 2018

Opened 21 Feb 2018


We are considering a city-wide ban on all temporary on-street advertising structures. We want to hear views, particularly from businesses, on such a ban.

For example, you may have questions about what kind of advertising will be permitted if a ban is introduced, or concerns about how much time there will be to develop new or alternative signage.

We would also like to know what the Council and our partners like Business Gateway can do to support you to grow and promote your business.

Why are we considering this ban?

We are committed to reducing street clutter and creating barrier-free streets. Advertising boards (often called ‘A’ boards) and other types of temporary advertising structures on pavements outside business can create significant safety and access issues for people. People with mobility difficulties and sight impairments can find it particularly challenging to move around pavements which have these temporary advertising structures on them. 

As many businesses in the city do not adhere to our current policy on ‘A’ Boards, we need to take more action to make sure pavements are safe and accessible for all.

What do we know already?

We know there is widespread support from organisations such as the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), Living Streets, the Edinburgh Access Panel and several community councils. We have also spoken to various organisations including business representatives about a city-wide ban. Councillor Lesley Macinnes, Convenor of the Transport and Environment Committee, fully supports a city-wide ban to prioritise barrier-free and safe movement for all.    

We have been told by business representatives that:

  • they generally support the aim of creating safer and more accessible streets.
  • but, they are concerned about losing business as they can’t use temporary on-street advertising.
  • they also point out that streets and pavements have other obstructions such as bins, signs and bollards. They would like a consistent approach to decluttering our streets. 


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