Bonaly Road Raised Crossing

Closed 17 Sep 2017

Opened 21 Aug 2017

Results Updated 7 Dec 2017

35 residents of the area responded to the consultation.

The majority were supportive of the proposals.

The questions raised by respondents together with our answers are shown below.

Response to comments raised during the consultation period – Bonaly Road and Bonaly Wester Crossing Improvements

Can the yellow lines be extended into Bonaly Wester?

The double yellow lines at the junction with Bonaly Wester will be extended by 25 metres to the East.

Can something be done to stop pedestrians walking through private archways to Bonaly Road and school?

Restricting general access to a private area is the responsibility of the landowner.

Will land be purchased from landowners as this is private property?

The Residents’ Association which represents the owners have given the council permission to make the changes with the wall being reconstructed and the planting re-instated once the pavement has been widened. The land will remain in the ownership of the residents of the adjacent properties.

Will yellow lines be enforced?

Yes, enforcement is carried out by council contracted Parking Assistants.

When will the work commence and what is estimated construction time?

The work is being scheduled for the Easter holidays and works should be completed within the fortnight.

Could you make the whole of Bonaly Wester residents parking only?

This is out with the scope of this project. To request further information on this please contact

The plan does not state what type of crossing control will be unitised on the raised crossing area.

The crossing will be uncontrolled.

There is a danger that the egress / ingress from Bonaly Wester will be blocked by queuing traffic. Can I suggest a yellow box junction be placed to cover the entrance to Bonaly Wester and a little north of the junction?

The priorities will remain unchanged and sight lines improved so the traffic flows are unlikely to be altered. A box junction will not be marked this location.

Can you give priority to people coming out of Bonaly Wester and heading down Bonaly Road?

This was considered during the preliminary design phase but ruled out as it introduced the potential for conflict with larger vehicles such as refuse vehicles travelling

At what times in the day is the priority for southbound i.e. uphill traffic to operate, or is it all the time?

The pavement will be built on the west side of the road so northbound (downhill) traffic will have to give way to southbound traffic at all times.

The parking of vehicles on the bridge over the bypass on Bonaly Road frequently makes visibility of uphill traffic difficult for those travelling downhill; the proposed road narrowing will potentially exacerbate this.

The road narrowing will not affect the visibility of those travelling downhill.

Why was the School Streets initiative not implemented at Bonaly?

The Parent Council consulted parents on the scheme and found a majority did not support it. Such a scheme would require support of the whole school community for it to work successfully. Objections were also received from local businesses.



The Council proposes to improve visibility for vehicles and pedestrians, as well as introduce new pedestrian crossing facilities on Bonaly Road at the junction with Bonaly Wester. Preliminary plans have been developed for the scheme.

Why We Are Consulting

We would like to know the views of local people on the proposals which are to remove and rebuild a section of wall to widen the pavement and install a raised crossing on Bonaly Road south of Bonaly Wester. Priority junctions will also be introduced to give priority to southbound traffic on Bonaly Road.  PDF copies of the plan can be found below under the 'Related' heading.


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