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Closed 7 Jul 2023

Opened 10 May 2023

Feedback updated 8 Apr 2024

We asked

We wanted to hear your views on Niddrie Mains Road and the High Street, the public spaces, and local facilities that exist in the Craigmillar local area. The project area is part of the Council’s 20-minute neighbourhood strategy and aims to provide better access to local facilities and open spaces across the city through quality transport and active travel links. We also want to improve local spaces for recreation and socialising.

You said

We received 113 responses where 86% of respondents either live, work, visit, or study in the area.

The main reasons for visiting the High Street on Niddrie Mains Road and local area are:

  1. To visit shops, cafes or restaurant (52%);
  2. I live in Craigmillar or Niddrie (50%); and
  3. To access local services or facilities (49%)

Most people get to the High Street:

  • Every day, by walking / wheeling (37%) and driving (22%);
  • Regularly, by public transport (32%) and driving (25%);
  • Occasionally, by public transport (42%) and cycling (23%); and
  • Never, by cycling (44%) and driving (22%).

The top three words to describe how the Niddrie Mains Road area feels were Busy, Traffic, and Congested. Of the 243 words submitted, 14% were positive and the top words associated with this sentiment were Good, Improving, and Comfortable.

When asked about what could improve the experience of spending time on the High Street, most comments were about maintenance, safety, environment, and amenities, such as:

  • Better care and maintenance of public realm around shopfronts, more bins, and upgraded street furniture.
  • More greenery, benches, better pavement, and less traffic.
  • More police presence to deter antisocial behaviour.
  • More local shops, family friendly cafes, pubs, and better leisure facilities.

For suggested improvements to make it easier to access the High Street by walking, wheeling, cycling or public transport most commented on road safety, maintenance, wider transport access, and sustainable travel.

The main barriers to movement identified in the area are:

  • poor quality of dropped kerbs, pavements, roads;
  • lack of provision for cyclists and safe junctions;
  • cars parked everywhere; and
  • frequent vehicle speeding and traffic jams.

The top greenspaces visited regularly were Craigmillar Castle Park (70%), Holyrood Park (61%), and Hunters Hall Park (27%).

36% of respondents are satisfied with the greenspaces in the local community. Respondents felt strongest about the following improvements they would like to see in their greenspaces: maintenance (55%), trees and planting (48%), spaces and activities for teenagers (44%), community spaces (42%), and places to sit (42%).

About what kinds of cultural opportunities, facilities, and services that respondents would like to see more of in the local area, 50% of participants provided input that support themes and ideas including:

  • Community activities: live music, art centres, food banks, youth projects, more evening activities, fairs and markets, nature workshops, outdoor exercise groups, craft / knitting groups
  • Cultural traditions: places to build a sense of community and highlight the unique history of the area; conservation work and ‘heartbeat of communities needs to be retained’
  • Healthy living: inclusive parks, play areas, sport facilities, locally grown and sourced food, more accessible leisure centre, better support for local charities
  • Performance space: a local theatre, community hall, better supported community centres
  • Independent cafes and shops: greater range of social spaces and places to eat, family friendly play cafes; community-focused shops; post office

We did

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this survey. The input and comments provided are valued insights which will help the project team develop a concept design of the High Street on Niddrie Mains Road.

Updates on the project will be available on the following webpage: Our 20-minute neighbourhood approach – The City of Edinburgh Council.


We want to hear your views on the High Street on Niddrie Mains Road as well as the local faciltiies and greenspaces in the local area.

This project is linked to the City of Edinburgh Council’s 20-Minute Neighbourhood Strategy. The 20-minute neighbourhood approach is about places where everyone can access the facilities and services to meet most of their daily needs within a short walk, wheel* or cycle from their home.

The project is supported by Sustrans’ Places for Everyone funding. Places for Everyone is an active travel infrastructure programme funded by the Scottish Government and administered by Sustrans. The Places for Everyone programme provides support and expertise to help deliver walking, wheeling, and cycling improvements across the country.

* Wheeling refers to people using a mobility scooter, wheelchair, or other wheeled mobility aid, as well as people walking with pushchairs and prams.

Why your views matter

This survey aims to:

  • Understand your views on the High Street on Niddrie Mains Road and how it can be improved.
  • Identify how walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport links to the High Street and other local facilities can be improved.
  • Identify opportunities to improve the provision of, and access to, greenspaces.

The survey will inform the development of a concept design plan for how the High Street and access to local faciltiies could be improved.

The Council will continue to work with the local community and businesses as this develops.

Participation in this survey should take 10 - 15 minutes.

Reference 23-8637

You can also request a paper version of the survey by emailing us at


  • Community Coffee Morning

    From 13 May 2023 at 09:30 to 13 May 2023 at 13:30

    Greengables Family Centre, 8a Niddrie House Gardens, EH16 4UF

    This is an opportunity to hear more about the Niddrie Mains Road project, as well as plans for a new Greendykes primary school.


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