Dalry Primary Proposed School Zone to Reduce Vehicular Traffic at Start and End of School Day

Closed 15 Jan 2024

Opened 23 Nov 2023


The streets surrounding schools can be busy with traffic and difficult to navigate safely around the start and end of the school day.

To help create a happier, safer and healthier street environment for everyone, we are introducing School Streets and Zones to temporarily reduce motor traffic in the street outside schools at key drop-off and pick-up times.

School Streets and Zones offer a number of benefits for everyone, including:

  • Increasing walking, cycling and active lifestyles for pupils and parents/carers
  • Reducing traffic speed, congestion and pollution around the school gates
  • Helping to improve child obesity levels

We have received funding from Sustrans to implement a School Zone at Dalry Primary School that will help to make the area outside the school safer and more enjoyable for pupils, parents, carers and residents.

The School Zone outside Dalry Primary School will reduce motor traffic on Cathcart Place and Springwell Place (where the school has its entrances) on school days between 8:15 and 9:15am on Mondays to Fridays, 2:30pm and 3:45pm on Monday to Thursday afternoons and 11:30am to 1pm on Fridays.

Local access will continue for residents of Cathcart Place and Springwell Place, emergency services and blue badge holders.

We want to hear from you whether as a parent, pupil, resident or regularly visiting or travelling through the area. 

Frequently asked questions

Which streets are part of the School Zone?

Cathcart Place and Springwell Place.

How will it operate?

The School Zone outside Dalry Primary School will reduce traffic levels between 8:15 and 9:15am and between 2:30 and 3:45pm on school days, on Cathcart Place and Springwell Place where the school has its entrances.

Signs that warn motorists will be placed at Dalry Road and at both ends of Cathcart Place and Springwell Place.

Access will still be possible for residents of these two streets, emergency services and blue badge holders.

How long will the scheme last?

The scheme will start as a trial that will last for 18 months.

The scheme will then be reviewed and, if deemed successful, can be made permanent by the introduction of a permanent Traffic Regulation Order.

I am a resident of a school street. Can I drive in and out of my street during the school zone times?

Yes, residents can drive in the zone.

What other road users are allowed in the street?

Disabled users displaying a blue badge will be allowed as well as emergency services and contract school transport dropping or picking up pupils from the school.

Could the School Zone create congestion on surrounding streets?

Alternative routes may be busier when the two streets are closed. This will be monitored as part of the School Zone project*

We will be working with the school community to promote walking and cycling, rather than driving to school. Reward schemes will be introduced and consideration is given to cycle training and provision of additional cycle and scooter parking at the school.

* Research has shown that overall traffic volumes, across the school road and surrounding roads, fell during the School Street time windows. Outside of the School Street time windows overall traffic levels across the same roads rose over the same timeframe, suggesting that some traffic had been removed from the road following the implementation of the School Street.

The fall in traffic volume during the time window was greater than the rise outside the time window.

(Road Safety Trust/ Birmingham City Council/ Sustrans: School Streets and Traffic Displacement 2022)


What happens next

Your comments and suggestions will be considered in detail and may be included in the final scheme


  • Natural neighbourhood area - Dalry
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Gorgie
  • Natural neighbourhood area - Roseburn
  • Ward 7 - Sighthill/Gorgie


  • Children & Young People
  • Parents/carers


  • Children and Families
  • Cycling and walking
  • Roads and pavements
  • Noise
  • Pollution