Granton Waterfront Community Benefits

Closed 16 Mar 2022

Opened 24 Jan 2022

Results updated 25 Mar 2022

Please see final report attached below. Thank you to everyone who participated in this engagement excercise. 



We are currently reviewing our guidance in relation to the handling of community benefits delivered through the Granton Waterfront regeneration and development programme.

We’d like to hear your feedback and comments in relation to the draft framework. The framework is designed to guide developers and contractors investing in the area on what is most important to the community in relation to social, environmental and economic benefits.

About Granton Waterfront

The sustainable development of the Granton Waterfront, situated on the coastline in northwest Edinburgh, is at the heart of the City of Edinburgh Council’s ambition to be a leading city for connected, sustainable, affordable and inclusive living. 

With around 3,500 new net zero carbon homes, space for new business, cultural spaces, a new school and coastal park, the development aims to be the blueprint project for Scotland in urban development and regeneration. A further investment of around £1.3 billion over the next 15 years will complete the regeneration that is already underway with early action projects including the refurbishment of Granton Station, the Western Villages housing development and the restoration of the Granton Gas Holder.

About Community Benefits

The City of Edinburgh Council is committed to achieving and maximising community benefits through its procurement activities. Community Benefits are contractual clauses included in Council Contracts to receive additional social value from public spending, to deliver a range of economic, social or environmental benefits to communities.

Traditionally examples have included:

  1. guaranteeing apprenticeships or school visits to construction projects;
  2. committing to employing a local workforce and sub-contracting to local supply chains;
  3. improvements to public spaces and environmental initiatives;
  4. support for local charities and voluntary groups.

Why your views matter

We would like to invite people who live in north Edinburgh to share their views on the Granton Waterfront community benefits guidance framework. This will help us to ensure that benefits delivered are shaped by local context and the needs of the local community.

Your responses will shape the future direction of our community benefits framework for the Granton Waterfront and inform how they are delivered throughout the lifetime of the programme.  


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