Linking Leith's Parks

Closed 12 Jul 2023

Opened 1 Jun 2023

Feedback updated 1 Aug 2023

We asked

We created a plan to regenerate six small parks in Leith following meetings, workshops and other events that we held in spring and summer of 2023 with organisations and groups based in and around Leith including:

  • Leith Rotary Club
  • Three community councils
  • Leith Library
  • St Marys RC Primary and Leith Primary School
  • Area Councillors
  • Leith Theatre
  • Cables Wynd House Tenants

This project was guided by the actions identified within the Edinburgh Nature Network to create designs to make these parks better places for nature and people. Funding for the design stage of Linking Leith Parks designs was awarded by greenspace scotland.

We held a public consultation on the proposed designs for these parks between 1 June 2023 and 12 July 2023.

You said

  • 25 people attended our virtual and online workshops in May and 27 attended in June.
  • 34 people responded to our consultation via the hub.
  • 69% of responses strongly agreed or agreed that the designs would make the parks a better place for nature.
  • 63% of responses strongly agreed or agreed that the designs for the parks would be good for health and wellbeing.
  • Significant themes from the workshops and consultation comments stressed the importance of maintenance for the longevity of the designs.
  • Comments showed no clear consensus towards the introduction of a segregated area for dog walkers at Dalmeny Street park.

We did

We would like to thank everyone who responded to the consultation.

We have already considered the comments made with a view to taking account of them in the next phase of the project. If in time we are successful with funding bids, we will be able to move to a detailed design phase. Updates on this will be published on


The Edinburgh Nature Network was developed by the Thriving Green Spaces Team at the City of Edinburgh Council in partnership with the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the University of Edinburgh as part of the Thriving Green Spaces project. It is a plan to create well-connected, healthy, resilient habitats supporting Edinburgh’s wildlife and people.

The pilot for our Nature Network is in Leith, which has the greatest demand for these actions.

We have received funding from greenspace scotland to create plans and designs for nature conservation in parks in Leith. Once the plans have been developed, we will look for further funding to deliver these plans. 

For this, we are working with Atkins, Landscape Architects, to create an overall plan for the area - to look at actions to connect greenspaces in Leith, specifically drawing up plans for 6 parks:

  • Tolbooth Wynd
  • Mill Lane Park
  • Taylor Gardens
  • Keddie Gardens
  • North Junction Street Park
  • Dalmeny Street Park

Why your views matter

We have already held workshops with community groups and the process is underway. We now want to hear your views on the proposed features and plans for nature conservation in parks in Leith.

In addition, we will be holding further online and in person workshops in June to get thoughts and feedback specific to the parks listed above. Booking and registration for these events is essential. You can find more details about these below.

Need a different language or format?

Please email the Interpretation and Translation Service at quoting reference 23-8743 - Linking Leith's Parks 2023.


  • In-person workshop at Duncan Place Community Hub

    From 15 Jun 2023 at 18:00 to 15 Jun 2023 at 19:30

    Booking and registration is essential for this event.

    Workshop will be held at Duncan Place Community Hub, 4 Duncan place, Leith EH6 8HW.

    Please email to book a place.

  • Online workshop (Microsoft Teams)

    From 20 Jun 2023 at 18:00 to 20 Jun 2023 at 19:30

    Booking and registration is essential for this event.

    This workshop will take place over Microsoft Teams.

    Please email to book a place.


  • Ward 12 - Leith Walk
  • Ward 13 - Leith


  • Anyone from any background


  • Biodiversity
  • Parks and green spaces