Merchiston and Greenhill Conservation Area Character Appraisal Revision

Closed 31 Dec 2021

Opened 19 Nov 2021


The City of Edinburgh Council is seeking views on a revision of the Merchiston and Greenhill Conservation Area Character Appraisal.

What is a Conservation Area Character Appraisal?

Conservation areas are designated under the Planning Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas (Scotland) Act 1997. Conservation areas are areas which have special architectural or historic interest that are considered worthy of protection.

Conservation area character appraisals are intended to help manage change. They provide an agreed basis of understanding of what makes an area special. This understanding informs and provides the context in which decisions can be made on proposals which may affect that character.

Why are we reviewing some Conservation Area Character Appraisals?

On 22 August 2018, the Planning Committee approved an updated programme of review of the existing conservation area character appraisals.

The Merchiston and Greenhill Conservation Area was originally designated in May 1986 and the first character appraisal for the area was approved in April 2003.

As part of this ongoing process, this report presents the revised Merchiston and Greenhill Conservation Area Character Appraisal.

The revised character appraisal involves a re-ordering of the previous appraisal for the new digital format which will include images, photographs and interactive maps. No boundary changes to the conservation area are proposed.

Why your views matter

We are seeking views on the following aspects of the revised Conservation Area Character Appraisal:

  • How clearly does the appraisal set out the issues within the Merchiston and Greenhill Conservation Area.
  • To what extent you agree or disagree with the proposed revised appraisal of the Merchiston and Greenhill Conservation Area.

The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete.

Responses, comments or feedback can also be emailed to

Your Data

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